About salesonrails

salesonrails is the phoenix of other ecommerce solutions. Born to the frustrations and time-consuming annoyances of upgrading and rebuilding customised shopping carts, the development team at Incutio set out to build a ultimate ecommerce solution, with three clear objectives:

  • for us: to be the most desirable platform from which to sell products online
  • for you: to let you to focus on your business and not the technology that powers it
  • for your customers: to provide a smooth, easy and confidence-inspiring shopping experience

We realised very early on that people don't do the things they should do with their online shops because they are constrained by outdated technology.

Either, they would customise their shops at the expense of not keeping their software up-to-date (because the customisations would need to be re-built) OR they would NOT customise in order to stay secure and keep their software up-to-date.

We envisaged a solution that would be completely customisable, scalable and leave you with the choice of running things as originally built or doing it the way you want. salesonrails is the only Software as a Service solution that you can have customised to work the way you want. You never have to worry about software updates, hosting or any other technical issues, we cover all of that, your mission is to simply grow your website and business.