Key Features

Manage multiple ecommerce sites

Manage your whole online business through a single portal dealing with customer enquiries, orders, product management and more. Our technology allows you to run multiple sites and to sell your products and services on different sites while managing them through one simple interface.

Search engine friendly

Unless customers can find you, having a website just isn't worth it. salesonrails is built using and constantly adopting best practices to optimise your site to be discovered and regularly indexed by search engines.  No other ecommerce solution goes as far as we do to ensure your sites are visible to search engines.

Reduced administration through intelligent product setup

The salesonrails administrative system asks you pertinent questions about the products you are asking and not about things not related to your product, its contextual understanding of products improves and eases product management.

No hosting or technical worries

Best of breed technology for your website. We run multiple servers behind Cisco Firewalls and Load Balancers which are cared for by Rackspace Managed Hosting. Our infrastructure is carefully managed to ensure maximum uptime and peace of mind for you with our 100% network uptime guarantee.

When you use the salesonrails platform, you access technology partners such as Dynect and Edgecast who help improve the delivery of your content globally. If ever you have a worry about your site, we are always the contact point who will take responsibility for your concern - no more blame casting!

Image repurposing, upload images only once!

Most content management solutions require you to resize images and upload them in different formats for different things - not salesonrails. Upload your image once in a pre-set dimension that we provide you with and we will do the rest ensuring your images are optimised for size, quality and speed of loading.

Scalable, will grow with your business when you need it

Our architecture means we never use more than 50% of our capacity, when things start getting seriously busy, we can quickly and easily introduce more capacity to ensure your site scales to meet the demands of your customers.

Bundles - prepackage groups of products

Upselling and cross-selling are just part of the feature set in salesonrails. You can additionally bundle products together to create packages that can be sold to customers and further incentivise your customers to spend more in each transaction.

A Single Point of Contact for any queries you have

No more trying to find out who's problem it is, one single company who's sole responsibility it is to ensure you are able to do business online, if every you have questions or concerns, we are the only people you need to talk to in order to get things resolved.

Real-time Financing

salesonrails is the first e-commerce platform to integrate Hitachi Capital's PayByFinance solution, allowing your customers to finance their purchases (separate account with Hitachi Capital required).  The Hitachi solution is the first solution to offer real-time financing decisions.

Fraud Detection

Within the heart of salesonrails is a fraud detection solution that examines each transaction through your web-store.  This detection is on top of the banks existing fraud detection and it will highlight higher risk transactions that should be checked further.