The two most important factors in hosting your site are firstly uptime/availability and secondly responsiveness.  We partner with the world's leading providers to ensure your website is available and responsive no matter where your visitors are or what time it is.

Our key infrastructure is hosted with Rackspace Managed Hosting in the UK, we use the following components within our infrastructure:

  1. Cisco ASA firewalls providing a physical layer of protection for your site
  2. Dell PowerEdge 2970 Servers with Quad-Dual Core CPU's and 32Gb RAM
  3. Cisco Private Switching
  4. EMC Clarion Fibre Channel SAN

This infrastructure hosts all of our sites and data, it's backed up several times per day and built to be resilient to single points of failure.

We work extensively with Dynect for our DNS services, Dynect provide a globally distributed DNS platform that ensures traffic is always routed correctly, can route around outages and helps improve the performance of our network.

Customer facing content for sites on the salesonrails platform is partially delivered by Edgecast, one of the world's leading Content Distribution Networks (CDN).  Edgecast allow us to deploy content to servers globally, this in turn allows customers to receive content from a location near to them improving both the speed of the site and the user experience.  Customers can optionally upgrade to full-site delivery through this technology if they desire and they have a demanding global audience.