Optional Extras

For businesses that are really serious about running an online store, we offer a variety of option extras that will help your online business grow.  Options includes access to support time each month to help improve the site and work through any site-specific issues you may have, out-of-hours monitoring and response and performance tuning packs to squeeze every ounce of performance from the solution and improve conversions.

Site Support

We offer a variety of packages to help directly support your website, these support packages make us available to you to help you administer your online store, make amendments to your website and help you develop your online business quickly and with a minimum of fuss.  Support packages start from £300 + VAT per month and the package is completely customised to you.

Monitoring ★highly recommended★

Our standard monitoring checks all of our infrastructure to ensure you site is able to operate correctly and efficiently and alerts us to any issues that may affect your site.  Outside of this we also offer multiple monitoring solutions to add an extra safety net to your internet presence.

For just £30 per month, we will externally monitor 2 pages on your website 24x7 and react to any issues that occur, this could be a domain name expiring, a failure from an external vendor or some other issue that is causing the site to fail unexpectedly.

Additional URLs can also be monitored from just £15 per URL per month.

Performance Pack

Our performance pack has been setting our customers sites on fire! The performance pack puts into place some serious monitoring systems the analyse everything your website does.  Each transaction is identified, timed and monitored with the results being fed back to an external solution to show us what happened.

Any request that takes longer than a predefined period to generate is logged and highlighted to our development team who then pick this up and optimise the parts of the system that are not responding within the constraints that are set-out.

The benefit of this is that as your site grows and evolves their is constant performance optimisation happening and this has been proved to improve conversion on your website. More speed = more sales.

This service costs £100 per month although because of the technology we must licence we need at least 3 customers using the service at any one time.