The cost of running an online store using salesonrails

salesonrails is a subscription ecommerce business - software offered as a service over the internet.  For you there is no hardware to buy, servers to lease, software to install or upgrades to apply.  This is different to how you might be used to purchasing software applications where you licence and install the software on your hardware.

Whilst salesonrails is a complex solution, we've tried to make our pricing transparent and easy so that you have the services and support you need, when you need it.  As your online store scales, so do our services to meet the demand of your customers.  Online stores tend to be very seasonal and as a result we allow our services to scale both up and down as you require.

As a fully serviced product there are just two key fees you need to be aware of:

1. Setup & Initial Build

This is the cost of initially designing and building your store to provide the look and functionality you desire. Before a project starts, we will evaluate your needs and provide you with an estimate of the work involved. This cost is a one-off fee and will take you through the process of getting your salesonrails site launched.

2. Ongoing Fees

There are two ongoing fees associated with your salesonrails site. The first is a licence fee of £50 per month which we charge for the ongoing maintenance and updates to the site, under this fee, any bugs in the software will be resolved by our technical team.  

Beyond this there is a simple fee that relates to resource usage on your site, this means that as your site gets busier, you pay a little more for additional resources but when it is quieter, you pay less. For many new sites this fee will be less than £5 per month, for larger established sites this fee is much higher as more resources are consumed. For instance, a site serving around 3,000 customers per day would typically incur a usage fee of between £150-£200 per month.

3. Other Fees

Beyond the running costs of salesonrails you may also want to consider our optional extra's that work as bolt-ons and help us to work more closely with you each and every month to grow your online business.

Additionally, you will require a few additional services such as SSL certificates an Internet Merchant Account and a Payment Solution Provider, we explain what these are and how much they cost on our External Costs page.